Trauma Talks

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We put on a one-day conference every 2 years focused on trauma and trauma-informed care. Over the years we have explored the hidden epidemic of trauma, cultural understandings of trauma-informed care, advocacy, bridging the brain and body, and intergenerational trauma. Each time we try to choose a focus that is relevant to the present moment and bring in engaging speakers and experiences. While you are here, explore our website and learn about our history

Please continue to check back for updates on our next conference in spring 2024.

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Trauma Talks Conference Committee

Carrie Clark, PsyD, CPsych, Program Co-Chair
Mahum Musheer, MEd, RP, Program Co-Chair
Debbie Belne, MEd, RP
Catherine Classen, PhD, CPsych
Abby Hershler, MD, FRCPC
Dana Ross, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Zoe Thomas, MD, FRCPC 

Women's College Hospital