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Friday October 28th, 2022
Virtual Conference

Intergenerational Trauma:
Hope and Healing Through Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma Talks 2020


Dr. Roberta Timothy
Drs. Amy Bombay & Robyn McQuaid
Dr. Janet Smylie
Dr. Lisa Andermann

We are looking forward to our fifth Trauma Talks conference which will be held virtually on Friday October 28th, 2022. Our theme for this conference is “Intergenerational Trauma: Hope and Healing Through Trauma-informed Care.” Our speakers will be presenting on topics related to colonial trauma, decolonizing one’s practice, health inequities, the epigenetics and transmission of trauma, resiliency being passed down across generations, the protective role of culture, refugee mental health, and healing factors in the treatment of trauma.

Much of intergenerational trauma is, by definition, insidious in nature. This conference aims to have an open discussion and examination of the impact of intergenerational trauma that for many has been long overdue. We invite you to gather to learn about the impact of trauma over generations on individuals and within systems of care. Join us for a series of talks where we can learn not only about the impact of intergenerational trauma, but about ways to grow your own understanding, foster resiliency, and support growth and recovery.

Please join us for a day of talks as we deepen our understanding of the impact of intergenerational trauma, and the role of healthcare in service of healing and recovery.

The conference will be hosted live virtually, with opportunities for Q&A with the speakers. Registrants will be given 72 hours access to the recording of the conference if unable to attend the live virtual event. 

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Trauma Talks Conference Committee

Carrie Clark, PsyD, CPsych, Program Co-Chair
Mahum Musheer, MEd, RP, Program Co-Chair
Debbie Belne, MEd, RP
Catherine Classen, PhD, CPsych
Abby Hershler, MD, FRCPC
Dana Ross, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Zoe Thomas, MD, FRCPC 

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