Trauma Talks

The Back Story

The idea for the Trauma Talks¬† conference grew out of an exciting research project called “Improving Healthcare Delivery by Improving Health Providers’ Knowledge of Interpersonal Trauma” led by Dr. Catherine Classen of the ¬†Women’s College Research Institute and the University of Toronto.

Supported by a meeting grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health and Research, trauma experts from across North America were invited to attend a meeting at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, Canada, held on June 1st and 2nd, 2012. The purpose was to help develop a self-assessment tool for healthcare providers. The vision for this tool is to enable providers to evaluate their knowledge of interpersonal trauma and trauma-informed care and, if any gaps in knowledge are identified, they would be provided with resources to address those gaps.

As the research team was planning this meeting, they realized they were in the unique position of having a wealth of trauma experts gathered in one place. What an opportunity to share this collective knowledge, experience, and expertise with the broader community! Plus, holding a conference would be one more step to further their larger mission of making trauma-informed care the norm in healthcare; hence, the birth of Trauma Talks. After a highly successful first conference, plans for future Trauma Talks Conferences are underway in order to continue to share knowledge, build connections and further the dialogue on trauma-informed care.

All profits from Trauma Talks conferences go towards supporting trauma research.

Along with Catherine Classen, members of the research team include Drs. Carrie Clark, Christine Courtois, Janice DuMont, Robin Mason, Clare Pain, Carol Stalker and Ms Anne Fourt.

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