Trauma Talks

Friday June 8, 2018

Keynote Speakers:

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD
Trauma and Altered States of Consciousness: Toward Restoring the Self

Ame Cutler, PhD
The Somatic Narrative in the Treatment of Trauma: A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approach

The theme of this year’s Trauma Talks conference is ‘Bridging Brain and Body through Trauma-informed Care’.  The body is inextricably linked to trauma, and holds the scars – both visible and non- of past experiences. These experiences can leave survivors feeling overwhelmed and unsafe in their own skin. We know that neuroplasticity in the brain allows for new neural pathways but if we focus solely on the brain, we miss an opportunity to create a safe environment that nurtures and responds to the needs of the body. Bridging the connection between body and brain provides us insight into the impact of trauma and pathways for healing and recovery. Join us for a day of keynote speakers, workshops, and discussion with experts in psychological trauma as we consider the connections between the brain and body in the context of trauma-informed practice.

Trauma Talks 1018 Conference Committee

Dana Ross, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Program Co-Chair
Carrie Clark, PsyD, CPsych, Program Co-Chair
Catherine Classen, PhD, CPsych
Debbie Belne, MEd, RP
Lisa Andermann, MD, FRCPC
Carol Stalker, PhD, RSW
Pamela Stewart, MD, FRCPC
Carey Jernigan, BSc, Conference Co-ordinator


Women's College Hospital