Trauma Talks

Presentations 2018

Levine Family Lectureship Keynote Address: Trauma and Altered States of Consciousness: Toward Restoring the Self
Dr. Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD

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Dr. Catherine Classen Keynote Address: The Somatic Narrative in the Treatment of Trauma: A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approach
Dr. Ame Cutler, PhD
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Trauma and the Body: Understanding the Connection between Attach Cry and Self-Care, A New Group Intervention based on Principles of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Dr. Nancy McCallum, MD, MSc, FRCP(C); Pat Woods, RN; Bonilyn Hill Mohamed, MEd., RP
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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) for Trauma-Informed Treatment
Nancy E. Forrester, Executive Director, National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute; Lynda M. Rees, RN, RMFT, M.Sc
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Creating Shared Empathy and Increased Attachment using Self-Regulation Therapy with Couples
Irene Boxer-Meyrowitz, M.Ed., M.M.F.T.
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Finding Sanctuary: Creating the Neural Pathways of Healing through Yoga Nidra
Steven Hughes, M.Ed., Education Specialist, Education Services, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Rachael Frankford, M.S.W., R.S.W., Private Practice Psychotherapist
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What Queer Folks Want Trauma Therapists to Know
Leah Keating, Ph.D., CPsych. (Supervised Practice), Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, York University; Jenna MacKay, M.S.W.
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Movement for Embodied Resilience
Jane Clapp, creator of the Movement for Trauma professional training program and co-founder of Trauma Informed Practitioners Collective; Jennifer Cardoso, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Movement for Trauma Education Coordinator and Teacher
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An Inside Look at a Peer Led, Relationship Based Model of Clinical Supervision in the Women Recovering from Abuse Program (WRAP) at Women's College Hospital
Sue MacRae, RN, RP, M.Ed; Anne Fourt, M.Ed OTC (Reg); Marlene Duarte Giles, MSW, RSW; Abby Hershler, MD, FRCPC; Almuth Weigeldt, RP; and Victory Lall, BScN, MN
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